About us

The Foundation is a registered charitable trust committed to developing respectful communication, self-managing behaviour and positive attitudes to learning.

Tom Macready - Director

Tom MacreadyPrior to his present role with the Foundation, Tom was a Local Authority educational psychologist in Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. In 2003, Tom was responsible for introducing a Restorative Justice initiative into three schools in Milton Keynes. A DVD of this work was produced in 2005 and sold throughout the UK. The present emphasis on applying 'Restorative Principles in Practice' reflects the evolution of this initiative and Tom's commitment to social relationships that are respectful, engaging and inclusive. Tom's views on learning and dialogue are represented in his published paper, 'Learning Social Responsibility in Schools – a Restorative Practice'.

Paul Carlile - Director of Training

Paul CarlilePaul has over 30 years experience in education. A former Headteacher, OFSTED Inspector and regional School Improvement Advisor, Paul gained national and international recognition for his work in the North East of England working with schools in challenging circumstances. Paul is known in the UK, and overseas, for his contributions to school improvement, and for his leadership and trainer's role in the Restorative Practice initiatives in Hull and Milton Keynes. Paul's passion is supporting Headteachers who seek innovative school improvement solutions, but expect practicality, relevance and significant impact.

Vikki Gamble Trainer and Consultant

Vicki GambleVikki is an experienced primary teacher who, over the last 19 years, has worked in a range of schools across Key Stage One and Two as a class teacher, SENCo and Assistant Head teacher. Pupil and adult welfare and well-being have always been a prominent focus for her work in education.  Vikki is a strong advocate for positive relationships and for pupil engagement as restorative practitioners and leaders. She has supported a range of schools in Milton Keynes, enabling them to develop and embed the application of restorative principles with pupils, staff teams and families.